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About Us

VST Associated Graphics Private Limited is an online printing service provider with specialization in book printing and binding.

Started small in 1989, growing strong and adapting to latest trends & technology.

VST Press has demonstrated a wide array of capabilities to deliver unique printing requirements of our esteemed clients.

Start to end in-house facilities

Our core value lies in attention to detail in every step of the production process. From design to delivery and everything in-between, all are done in-house.

High production capacity

With 3,000+ sq feet of work area, we have comfortably executed print jobs by government agencies at massive scale and volume.

24/7 On-Call & Text Support

Our customer support team is always ready to answer your queries and provide FREE consultation to fulfill your print requirements.

Automatic machines and online quality inspection systems are our major strengths for delivering reliable and consistent print products.

Modern Machines, Modern Technology

Keeping upto date in terms are equipments and machineries has been our primary goal ever since we started. This has helped us in cutting cost as well as maintain high quality standards.

High speed and shorter turnaround

Our offset machines run at a speed of 15k impressions an hour and our digital machines run at 111 prints per minute. These speeds are comparable high based on current market standards.

Plethora of Plant and Machinery

For every step in the production process we have a machine in place to automate the task to the highest level of precision and speed. We even have substitute machines incase you know...

We are nothing but a small group of professionals each with expertise in designing and printing have come together to produce excellent print products.

Highest collective experience

Everyone in our team have minimum of 7+ years of experience and collective average experience of our team is 10+ years.

Expertise and specialization

Apart from our production team, we have expertise from different domains in print industry. These experts are involved in product engineering, designing & prototyping to address unique requirements of our customers.

Consultation & support team

For any doubts or query regarding your print requirements, we have a support team to assist you. We also have dedicated Customer Support Executives assigned to our clients to support them from throughout the production.

Call us & get Instant Quotation for printing your book.

Ready to bring your book ideas to life? Let us know the specifics of what you need, and we'll provide the best rates for printing services. Bulk orders get a special discount too.

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So, what makes us an ideal choice for all your book printing needs?

Our production capabilities and experienced staff are just the beginning! We offer unique services to provide our customers with maximum benefit.

  • Take advantage of our FREE consultation and gain the knowledge necessary to make a smart decision when it comes to printing. Explore all options with us today!
  • Our process involves sending a sample book at final quality for review and revisions - guaranteeing satisfaction with the end result!
  • Get up-to-date updates on your project's progress, so you can have complete confidence that things are always moving along.


Creating a professional and aesthetically appealing printed book requires thoughtful desktop publishing.

  • Cover design is handled with meticulous attention to detail, to truly reflect the vision of the author.
  • With carefully page formatting, we strive to create a pleasing reading experience for our audience.
  • To ensure accuracy and quality, pre-press elements like bleed, colour strip and marks are well placed.

Crafting a book involves an ongoing process of meticulous revisions, and our team is prepared for that. However, it's important to keep in mind the contents must be finalized before taking any action towards printing.


It is crucial step in the production where the customer is presented with a sample book before printing it in bulk.

  • For a new author, it's an invaluable experience to witness their book for the first time in bookstore quality.
  • Our goal here is to ensure that the customer is satisfied with every aspect of the sample book.
  • Customer can take advantage of this opportunity to correct or improvise to their liking.
  • Our customers gain piece of mind knowing their book is exactly as they envisioned it.


This is the step where ink meets paper, transforming blank sheet of paper into vibrant page filled with your words.

  • Bulk orders are printed in offset press and single or on-demand orders are printed in digital press.
  • Offset printing is the most cost-effective options. Furthermore, re-prints are much more cheaper.
  • For smaller print jobs and quick turnarounds, digital printing is the go to option.

Customers can trust us to ensure their book is printed in the most cost-effective way, whether that be offset or digital. Of course if they have a particular preference regardless of costs, we are more than happy to accommodate that request too!


This optional step can greatly enhance the look and feel of your book, furthering its appeal.

  • To protect the book cover from everyday wear and tear, lamination is an essential finishing procedure that adds a layer of water resistance. This process comes in both Matt & Gloss.
  • Spot UV highlights the title or image while adding an eye-catching glossy look, and embossing creates depth feel by projecting that element outward.
  • Foil stamping adds an eye-catching metallic sheen to your book cover, setting it apart from the competition.


This process encompasses folding, composing, sewing, binding and cutting and in this mentioned sequence to turn sheets of paper into a usable book.

  • Perfect binding / Paperback: Inner pages are glued with the spine of the cover to create and inseparable bond.
  • Saddle Stitching / Center Pinning: Inner pages and cover are folded in half and stapled along the center crease.
  • Hardcover binding: Pages are sewn together and glued to hard cover to be long-lasting and durable.


As soon as binding is finished, we carefully package the book in sturdy corrugated box for safe transport & storage.

  • Inside the box we cover the books with packing paper to maintain its pristine condition.
  • These boxes are then tapped, strapped and finally wrapped with stretch film.
  • Lastly boxes are lablled with details of consignee, consignor and contents of the package.

Our Services

We offer a full range of services to turn manuscripts into books ready for publishing. With our expertise, you can go from authoring your work to sharing it with the world in no time!

Desktop Publishing

Our design team transform manuscript and ideas into a work of art with cover design, content formatting and page layout.

Offset & Digital Printing

Whether you need high-volume best rate books or short-run books printed quickly, we can assist you with achieving your objectives.

Finishing & Binding

Get the most stunning book covers and impeccable binding for your book with our competitively priced printing services.

Hardcase Making

Our team of skilled professionals creates beautiful hardcover books that will make you proud to share and show off!.

Die Punching & Pasting

Empower yourself to design one-of-a-kind books through die punching or pasting, unlocking a world of unique possibilities.

Packaging & Delivering

Our dedication to secure packaging & prompt delivery ensures that customers will be delighted with the service we provide.

Vibhore Awasthy

Director, Synapse Medsolutions and Communications

Very professional, very adjusting, very cooperative. One of the best printers I have worked in India.

Vaijayanthi Gunasekaran

Procurement, ARS Steel

One of the best service Company for Printing Materials and good support from management and employees. On Time Delivery

Fredrick TR

Proprietor, Fresco Graphics

Book printing job work was handled in a professional manner, Finishing was excellent and on time delivery. Good mutual relationship is appreciated 😊

S. Mahesh

Company Secretary, Tamil Nadu Arasu Cable TV

Quality and timely service at afforable rates. Surely recommend to others

Ramesh V

Capital Refractories

Competitive price. Good team work. Skilled manpower and timely delivery. Congratulations 🎉

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team has compiled a comprehensive list of queries commonly posed by our customers about book printing prior to moving forward. We are here to ensure your journey through the process is both informed and smooth!

Write your manuscript in either Microsoft Word or Google Docs using one of our standard size options - Demy 1/8, Crown1/4 or Demy 1/4 - and send it along with any formatting requests at . Once approved, we will provide a sample copy for review. Finally, all that is left for us is completing printing and delivery directly to you doorsteps.

When it comes to printing costs, multiple factors must be taken into consideration. Size, print colour, paper grammage, finishing & binding type. As with many things, quantity is key: The higher your print run number, the lower you pay per unit!

Traditionally, publishers printed in large quantities and kept inventory stored away until sales were made. Conversely, print on demand provides a low-cost alternative wherein only the exact number of copies necessary are printed when an order is placed by customers. This streamlines the process while reducing overhead costs - no warehouses or expensive overstock to worry about!

An International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is the perfect way to make sure your books is identified globally.! It requires details such as title, author name, publisher and genre. To learn more about ISBNs or register for one of your own visit isbnnew inflibnet ac in.

Take the time to explore your options when finding a printer for your book. Visit their office, look at their body of work and ask about print quality and customer service, and get cost estimates — all in order to find the best fit for you. Don't hesitate to call us - our team of experts is here ready to assist you.


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